EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Vintage Gas Pump
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EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Vintage Gas Pump

EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Vintage Gas Pump

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Simply put, our EV Pump design serves as a mount for customers to attach their EV charger (or arrange for installation). A type 2 holster socket is installed on the pump's side to store the charging plug when not in use. Most modern EV charging systems utilize a type 2 plug, but we can modify the pump to accommodate other types of plugs as well. Additionally, the EV pumps feature the same 12-volt LED lighting system found on all of our pumps. The power source provided with the pump is solely for illumination and cannot be used to power the EV charger.

The pump incorporates the Petrol Pump Globe of your choice (please indicate) and is powder coated in your desired colours. We offer a diverse range of colours and finishes to meet all requirements. While we recommend keeping the pump's colour consistent with the Globe brand, the choice is ultimately yours.

Please choose a globe brand and desired colour scheme, and we'll call/email you to finalise colours, finishes, and brand before production.

  • Illuminated petrol pump globe
  • Crafted entirely from steel, this piece exudes quality and durability that lasts a lifetime.
  • This authentic 1950s design, complete with an illuminated branded Globe, will bring a touch of nostalgia to your decor.
  • Choice of either a Meter Display Panel or  a Fully Functional Clock Face
  • The pump is 6.5 feet tall and features detailed elements like lit-up numbers and a functional fuel nozzle.
  • We proudly made this petrol pump in the UK, and it is the ultimate statement piece that adds character to any space

These pumps are made using high-quality steel with a moulded ABS top, styled just like the originals from back in the 1950s, ensuring that they are both durable and authentic in appearance. In addition, the attention to detail in these reproduction pumps is truly remarkable, with every aspect of the design, from the curves of the body to the intricate details of the illuminated globes, being meticulously replicated.

Every Gas Pump we offer is hand-crafted with great care, and as such, we require them to be delivered by hand to guarantee they arrive in pristine condition. The distance involved determines the delivery cost, typically falling between £50 to £100 for UK mainland shipments. Please email us if you require an estimate for delivery outside of the UK.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We're here to help. Call 0800 1357100.